Saturday, October 26, 2019

365 Days of Joy and Laughter Inspiration

A happy, healthy sense of humor can be soul satisfying.

It is not only an important quality of your recovery, it will liven up everything you do.
That is a POWERFUL example to see.

As my self-esteem healed and got stronger, so did my sense of humor. Laughing at myself has brought me insight into who I am, plus, it makes my bonds stronger with my friends.
It provides me with wonderful memories of laughs I share and look forward to adding to. Some of my friends are every bit as goofy and silly as I am; I love sharing that characteristic with my family of besties!
How do you feel after a great big eye watering laugh? A stop it, I cannot breathe belly buster?

Well, there is scientific proof verifying how beneficial laughter is for us. 
Did you know when we laugh, powerful feel-good endorphins are released through opioid receptors in our brains. Also, the more opioid receptors in our brains, the more powerful the effect is on that brain. That gives us a natural high. 
That article includes this important fact: "Highly addictive opioid drugs, like heroin, also bind to those receptors, suggesting that laughter induces euphoria not unlike a narcotic (minus the obvious drawbacks)."

That natural high is something each of us can achieve. But, if we have obstacles in our way, such as emotions that are controlling our moods, we have work to do to get to them. 

But, back to laughter and how it helps us heal, have you noticed that some folks laugh just because someone around them starts laughing and then they start laughing, not know what they are laughing about?

I do that all the time, LOL And you know what? It helps me bond with others who laugh at some of the same things I do. 

That is important because we are social creatures and we need our friends in our lives. We need to bond with folks who better our lives just like we better theirs by simply being someone to lean on and laugh about events in our lives.

And that, that helps me keep moving forward

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