Saturday, August 3, 2019

My 4th Blog: NurturePersonalGrowth

My focus for this blog is to show as best I can the benefits I experience from my life in recovery, hoping others will see they can benefit in their own lives too.

As I got through the burdens from my childhood, I began to feel better. That process was slow, but it was steady as I continued to tackle what hurt me.

Looking back, I can see the natural healing process replacing what was dark and negative with happiness and hope.

That hope has carried me through the difficult times that showed up in my life. That is inevitable; life happens. But, when it happened to me, my response was worlds away from how I had responded in the past.

Yes, I still felt pain, but I knew firsthand how to get through it and move it behind me, learning from it.

With that, I kept myself moving forward. And with the healing that came with it, my true "me" started showing up.

That "me" is what I want people to see. I still have a lot of work ahead of me; I know that.

Therefore, I choose to live my life as a responsible adult, doing what I love: with vivid and clean writing showing the spectacular benefits of recovery and how to get there. 


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