Saturday, August 3, 2019

My 2nd Blog: MyViciousPsychopathMother *TRIGGER WARNING*

I began my second blog as I felt stronger and was ready to speak up about the abuse my mother started.

Almost my entire childhood is a blank; that is how monstrous and severe the abuse was, plus, I am learning disabled from it.

With three adults ganging up on my routinely, I as the youngest, stood no chance against them. They are my mother (who is deceased) and my two sisters.
The link to this blog is beneath the screenshot.

Alt="My vicious psychopath mother blog screenshot."

`The people who abused me threatened me into terrified silence to never breathe a word of their cruelty. That pounded into my head from childhood, it overshadowed my life.

On my first blog RecoveryinBalance.HOW, I wrote about my fears to overcome them. I knew facing and accepting them for what they were was the key to get rid of them. They were a huge part of my reality and I was tired of dealing with them.

Once I felt strong enough, I contacted KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis and asked them if they wanted to interview a reformed bully and internet troll. They said yes.

You can see my interview here:
Not long after that, an article about my trolling was published by the Daily Mail 
Once I got that out of my system, I continued to feel better. I felt braver. I knew with every passing day I was ready to reveal the monstrosities my family burdened me with so many years ago.

When I found out my mother was a sadistic, cruel psychopath, my upbringing made sense. I got the answers to questions that haunted me. I wasn't the problem.
Abused as a little child by the three people I should have been able to trust, they brainwashed me into believing I was unlovable and defective. Their abuse was so extensive I have Complex PTSD, Clinical Depression, and Traumatic Amnesia. I am brain damaged because of that. I have flunked out of two universities because of that. Plus, it made me the perfect target for incest and sexual abuse.

I have worked hard to get better.

 I chose to live my life as a responsible adult, doing what I love: with vivid and clean writing showing the spectacular benefits of recovery and how to get there. 

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