Monday, August 5, 2019

Fundraising to advertise my ebook about why I became a bully, how I acted out, and how I stopped to turn my life around

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I named my campaign after one of my blogs: I have three more blogs: RecoveryinBalance.HOW, My Vicious Psychopath Mother and Nurture Personal Growth.

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As a reformed bully, cyber bully and recovering alcoholic sober since 11-16-2007, I want people to see that a life that begins badly can be turned around into a happy, productive life. I have gone from being a self-loathing, angry, promiscuous, insecure, needy, self-destructive drunk to doing my best to resolve the problems inherited from my upbringing to better myself and my life. Today, my life is world’s away from how it was because I have worked hard for years to get better.

Now, I am speaking out about how I became a bully, how I acted out, and how I turned my life around because I think I can help. And lives are at stake. Daily, people take their lives, are bullied, engage in shootings, road rage, and more terrible acts of abuse and violence.

I have written an ebook bringing to light the horrid child abuse and domestic violence my family saturated me in. Raised by my sadistic, cruel psychopath(clinically diagnosed) mother and her two thugs people know as my two older sisters, I was doomed the second my parents conceived me.

People who have grown up in violent and dangerous households are primed for bullying because they were their bullies’ victims first. My family did that to me, brainwashing me to be a self-hating, needy, promiscuous bully.  My bullies pummeled that into my head.

They also taught me shame. I know firsthand how that plays a huge role in preventing people from seeking help. Plus, they might not realize that they are bullying others. They might think that their victims deserved their anger. I say that because that is what I was taught. I did not think I was bullying anyone. I justified my anger.

I know I am not alone.There are hundreds of millions like me around the world and they are who I strive to reach.

I am fundraising to advertise my book, determined to reach others who grew up like I did, hoping to help them see how they became bullies and decide to get help to turn their lives around.

Will you join me?

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