Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How I became a bully, how I acted out, plus how I turned my life around

I am DONE protecting my abusers.

Lives are at stake. So, I write with the rawest honesty I know.

Part 1 of my series "This Recovering Alcoholic and Reformed Bully's Open Letters of Healing" is Secretly Brainwashed to Bully and Troll 

Do you have people in your face daily, saying hateful things to you, making you feel horrible about yourself? Do they tell you no one will ever love you because you are useless and stupid? I can relate; I know what that feels like. 

Having been in recovery for over twenty-eight years, my goal is to share my experiences in the hope others will see how to get past their shame or any negative emotions keeping them from getting help.

What I cover here are my experiences in living with those overwhelming problems and how I have gotten better. I have been there. I battled those demons and have put them behind me.

As a child tormented by my sadistic, psychopath mother and her two goons until I faced their festering wounds in my soul, I developed Amnesia, Clinical Depression, Complex PTSD, and more.

My abusers pummeled me with hatred, terrorizing me into silence.

They trained me to be a bully because they bullied me.  

Parched for human contact, I engaged in sexual activities I knew must be

kept secret. And I took out my blatant rage on innocent victims.

Catapulted into addiction and blinded by unmet needs,  

I guzzled booze because it gave me temporary relief.

Can you relate to my writing?

My self-destructive lifestyle baffled me.  Although I began my recovery in early 1990s,

it would be decades before I experienced genuine happiness.

Now sober since 11-16-2007, it has taken me over six years of hard work to overcome the fears they saturated me in. I have gone from self-loathing to a happy, productive self-esteem.

And like I said, I am done protecting my abusers.

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