Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My eBook: This Recovering Alcoholic Bully's Open Letters of Healing Part 1: Secretly Brainwashed to Bully and Troll

My real-life story about why I bullied and trolled, 
how I bullied and trolled, how I got better.

I am only charging 99 cents for it because 
I remember how broke 
I was trying to figure my life out.

The main abuser in my family was my mother.
Child abuse and domestic violence ran rampant
in the cruel household she dominated.

One therapist gave me the diagnosis I suspected from googling
her behavior and the impact she had on my life:

Sadistic Psychopath with Narcissistic Tendencies

I write about my experiences because I know I am not alone.

Chances are your experiences will differ from mine.

But, I hope to connect with the part of you buried deep
under the cruel, toxic lies someone has fed you.

I hope to connect with the part of you that recognizes logic
when it hears it. I hope to connect to the part of you struggling 
to stand up and live your life as your best you.

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