Monday, August 20, 2018

365 Days of Gratitude Inspiration

Today, Monday, August 20, 2018, I am grateful to see firsthand how
 I am handling some very stressful situations in my life.

I am not crying, wringing my hands, or unable to sleep because I am saturated with worry.

After years of stuffing unpleasant thoughts that kept nagging me, I came to understand that my emotions and feelings were doing their jobs: they were connected to unresolved emotions that I had to accept as part of my life. I had to face and accept what I could not change. My emotions were doing exactly what they were supposed to do, get my attention to let me know something was out of kilter. There was something important I needed to pay close attention to so I could heal and grow.

I know what steps to take to get myself back in balance.
I have mastered facing my problems to heal my wounded soul.

When I get bad news now, my mind goes straight into accepting it as my reality
so I can get to the stage where I come up with options. I cry, kick or scream when it hits me. I grieve over it but I go into acceptance to resolve rather than being crushed under its weight as I did for so many years simply because no one taught that habit to me. I no longer hide or stuff the feelings down deep inside. I face them fully so they do their job and then, I get to do mine.

Today and every day,  I am gathering my resources and applying them to my life

so I keep moving forward. 

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