Monday, February 12, 2018

365 Days of Gratitude

Today, Monday, February 12, 2018, I am grateful today is my
fifth year anniversary sharing what I am grateful for every day.

It has been life-changing because I focus on
what is positive. What is lacking
falls into place as I do everything I can to grow.

Now, that does not mean I ignore problems and distressing situations.

I face those problems for what they are and accept
them as part of my reality.

Then, the most astonishing thing happens!

The problem loses its power and becomes a memory that
no longer hurts me, makes me cry, or blocks my way.

                          Solutions gradually show up and I can think through
what to do to bring me back in balance.

There is no drug or alcoholic beverage on Earth that can give us the same result.
We have inside of us what we need to be successful.
We need to learn how to activate it.

But, blocked emotions and problems obstruct direct route to our souls.
When we accept what is bothering us, we heal.  
As we heal, we grow into our wonderful, unique self
we can share with others.

New productive habits give us the privilege to help others get better.
Empowering hurting souls to blossom into genuine and
authentic human beings is an honor.

What are you grateful for today?
I would LOVE to hear ALL about it!

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