Thursday, January 25, 2018

365 Days of Joy and Laughter

This is a true story. Many years ago, I got a gastrointestinal bug and my doctor told me to eat yogurt to replenish the friendly bacteria gone from my intestines. The biggest side effect I got from that was explosive gas. So explosive that one time my pooter kitty Smudge, who was perched snoozing on the back of my computer chair, became airborne when I relieved myself of the building pressure. You know where the pressure was without my identifying it, don't you? 
Well, I hear this THUD!! I don't know if Smudge passed out and fell off of it I blew him off but when I looked at him, the poor kitty was crouched in defensive mode and looked at me with the biggest wide-eyed look I have ever seen on a cat. 

His eyes asked me: Are you trying to kill me?

I did this picture of him in honor:

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