Thursday, June 1, 2017

365 Days of Recovery and Personal Growth

Never once did I choose to become a needy, insecure, promiscuous, 
self-destructive, self-loathing alcoholic. 
When I was told that I had a serious drinking problem, I was revolted by the suggestion! 
It was impossible!
I wasn't some homeless junkie or skid row drunk. 
How could that even be true about me?

It took me a long time to even consider to accept that reality in my life.

Having now been in recovery for decades now, as well as clean and sober since 11/16/2007, 
I  understand how I became an addict, as well as a domestic violence survivor,  

That life of dangerous drinking, one night stands, running scared, but not knowing what I was running from, are over for me. I will never return to any of that. I have faced those demons and they are gone from my life for good.

I know that I will work on my recovery and personal growth for the rest of my life. 
And you know what?

My life today is happy and I am learning how to take care of myself!
I am no longer self-destructive and I am much happier than I ever thought possible. I am surrounded by folks who love me and want me to be part of their lives as much as I want to be in theirs.
My friends are caring, loving, simple people who are hardworking and devoted to their families.

I am as grateful for all of them as I am to be sober and moving forward in my life.
With each passing day, my life just gets better. 

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