Sunday, June 25, 2017

365 Days of Gratitude

Today, Sunday, June 25, 2017, I am grateful for feeling the need and wanting to continue to post on my blog my firsthand experiences with the issues in my life that affect millions just like me. Almost my entire life, my feelings have been squashed deep inside of me. I am grateful for any I can connect to.

When I first began to blog about my issues, I was dominated and almost paralyzed by the fear of being found out and stopped by my abusers. Bullies typically program their victims with violence to not speak about the abuse to anyone at all ever or face their tormentor's wrath.

 I no longer feel that fear. It has taken me years to free myself from it. I have faced it, healed from it and sent it back to the hell where it belongs. 

I have been working on writing from my experiences on issues that have held me hostage over the years. Those issues are listed on my blog as "Pages" on the right side underneath my 
"Google+ Followers". Once I have the remaining issues I battle daily written and shared here on my blog, I will begin writing HOW I am overcoming those obstacles in my life that affect millions just like me. (Those essays will be made available for a modest fee. I remember the shape I was in when I was in recovery; money was tight and I could not meet all of my needs every month. My current plan is to post them on a fundraising website to request donations so I can advertise my writing to the folks I am writing to. Advertising is Expensive!! I am also putting a business plan together to guide me through this process because I will write about my background and how I am getting better for the rest of my life.) 

Back to what I was saying, I repeat "millions just like me" to impress upon my readers that there are millions just like all of us are.

It is unlikely that the problems we encounter are rare and only limited to us. Not written in stone, of course, but unlikely.

There are millions just like us everywhere, living in different countries, and speaking different languages struggling just like us. They hope for solutions and relief just like we do.

My ambition is to explain how and why we do things that are counter-productive. Why we can't shake what is depressing us. Why we are not blossoming into our happiest and healthiest we can be. I hope my writing will offer better understanding and motivate others to get the help they need with their heads held high with courage and not out of humiliation, shame or embarrassment.

If any part of us is locked up and causing us problems, we are living a lie. But a lot of us don't realize that we are being abused. I didn't. I thought everybody behaved that way. 

My purpose is to share my story so others can see how they have gotten off track and encourage them to seek help to get better and gain control of their thoughts and their lives. 

Don't live the lie. 
You are worthy of so much more than that.

What are you grateful for today? I would LOVE to hear ALL about it!

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