Saturday, July 11, 2015

How Abusers Groom Their Victims

They control them by extreme punishments, withholding money and affection unless the victims behaves exactly how the abuser demands. They criticize and nitpick them to death and ridicule, shame and humiliate them to force them into submission.

They want complete submission; they want complete control over their victims lives. What the abuser wants is what their victims have to want. What the victims need or desire is stupid, wrong and less than significant. It does not matter to the abuser; they are concerned only with what you can do for them. And, all of the abuse that occurs is not to be told to anyone, never ever never.

They also turn their victims into scapegoats by blaming their victims with anything and everything that goes wrong. Forget about building self-esteem or confidence around abusers; their goal is to completely strip you of your identity, desires, wants and needs. They don't care what you are doing, you have to stop and meet their needs.

This behavior occurs TODAY and every day. Domestic violence has many faces. Those faces can represent any age, any race, any nationality.

I am done with hiding because I was bullied into silence. That part of my life is over. I will never hide again.

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  1. And what's sad is people without self-esteem will cling to abusers. The only way out is a complete personality change, where the victim realizes their worth and builds their life anew. Many victims never get there.