Saturday, July 11, 2015

Differences Poverty, Clinical Depression, Alcoholism, Morbid Obesity and Disability Can Make

These are a couple of pics of what I looked like before the toll of Clinical Depression, Alcoholism, Morbid Obesity, poverty and being disabled affected my appearance. Please, remember that I am not alone in this effect, this happens to millions of people globally on a daily basis. Stress shows up on our faces, I believe that that is common knowledge.

This first picture is from Glamour Shots I got done when I worked for a company that did them. This would be mid 1980ies.

My driver's license from several years later.

This is from about a month ago:

I am now 58 years old. This is what I look like today.

I began my road to recovery in 1990. To say that most of my life has been sheer hell is a gross understatement.

I have lived in poverty most of my life and I drank heavily and dangerously for over 30 years. I was mostly focused on surviving and not on my appearance as you can see from my pictures. In poverty, you do without most of what you need. As an alcoholic, my focus was on drowning out the depression and problems that had been suppressed for decades of my life. When I became disabled, my focus was on getting through each day as best I could.

This is me at my most morbidly obese, 325 pounds:

I lost 50 % of my body weight a few years back but I gained about half of it back. Today, I weigh 243 pounds.

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