Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some of What I Hope to Accomplish with My Blog About Me Being Disabled and In Poverty

Do you know what the numbers are showing about how many people in our country live in poverty? What do you know about the morbidly obese? And the disabled, what do you know about them? What about those who are clinically depressed? Unless we look for these numbers, we will not hear them on our daily news or in our papers unless they choose to post it. On occasion, someone will try to live on food stamps for one week or they try to eat one week of meals spending only $25.00. We hear something about how that went and what their experiences were. Then the headlines return to others new events and articles about living in poverty lose their exposure.

There are so many important issues people face and struggle through every single day and those issues need a lot more coverage than they get.

I want to increase awareness showing what my life is like currently. I am 58 years old, I am morbidly obese, disabled, in poverty, am a recovering alcoholic and dealing with Clinical Depression. Every single day of my life, I try my best to deal with those issues I try my best to shake. Like anything, some days are better than others are.

I know that I am not alone.

Maybe I can connect with others like me.

Maybe my postings help someone better understand someone they know who has similar problems.

Maybe you have answers you can share.

Maybe together we can come up with some solutions.

I believe that anything is possible.

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