Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gratitude for 9/26/2013 and Being Grateful That I Can Build My Life How I Want It To Be

I am so grateful and just THRILLED that I get the privilege to build my life how I want to!!

I have chosen to surround myself with loving and wonderful people!! I get to do hypnosis and get rid of behaviours that are ugly and unproductive and reprogram myself with positive and effective behaviour. It is a thrill and I love it! I so look forward to every day now and the adventures every day brings to me.

I get to spend time in person with folks who are happy to see me and who I thoroughly enjoy my time with. I get to interact with people who have similar problems to mine and we are supportive of each other. I get to chose what I eat and how I get to prepare it.  I get to indulge myself in making crafts and people actually pay me money to wear my work! I absolutely LOVE how that makes me feel, I just get ELATED about that and their reaction to my work!  That is one of the areas I am building my life on, my goal and my dream is to be self-supporting.

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