Friday, September 20, 2013

Gratitude for 9-20-2013 and Learning to Say No.

"Today I am very grateful for my psychotherapist and that we are working on how to say no in a respectful and assertive way".

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my therapist and psychotherapy in general? I am feeling so much better and happier these days, I believe that the bulk of my issues is behind me and laid to rest. Now I get to work on me and I am loving it!!

In my day to day life, I find myself in some situations where I need and want to say no, thank you but before I would fold like a cheap rug. Fear, wanting to be liked by everyone? Not wanting to rock the proverbial boat?  I now know that if I want to say no, it is ok, I absolutely can say no! I can say it kindly and respectfully, I can simply stand my ground firmly as the need be. I am min no way, shape or form obligated to fold and say yes when I can't do something or when I don't want something. The Sun will still come up in the morning and my life will carry on.

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