Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gratitude for 8-25-2013 and Getting to the Bottom of My Emotional Heap

"Today I am grateful to recognize that I have reached a milestone in overcoming my overeating. I have recognized, admitted and accepted what eluded me and hurt me the deepest. I am grateful that since Thursday I have been eating much healthier and that the nagging need to stuff myself with foods that sedated me is gone".

I can not stress enough on how important and beneficial it is to face emotions that are twisted. I have found that by doing that, that behaviour loses it's grip over me and I can decide how I want to proceed. It sounds simple but it takes guts and courage to face and admit aspects about ourselves that we would rather not. By that behaviour losing it's strength over us, we can then proceed forward with healthier and more positive behaviour.   

I believe that I am incredibly fortunate to have access to psychotherapists for all of the years that I have lived in torment, lost, not knowing why I was so self-destructive, what drove me to drink, to overeat, to continually sabotage my life. It has been a very long road and it has taken a ton of work, but the benefits I receive and now experience at leaving all of that poison behind me is magnificent!!

I am surrounded by people who really love me and want me in their lives. That alone provides me with a richness I simply adore.