Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gratitude for 6-4-2013 and Beginning to Thrive

I am grateful that I believe that I am finally beginning to thrive.

As human beings, we are so very much like flowers. They need nourishment, water, sunlight, a clear and clean  place to grow and thrive. So do we. With any of those factors missing, they become needy, clingy, brown and eventually wilt.

I understand now the need for community and socialization. I have very dear and loving online girlfriends who I know want me in their life as much as I need and want them in mine. I also have some in-person girlfriends who I can't wait to see and spend quality fun time with. I feel like I am finally becoming whole.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gratitude for 6-3-2013 and Having a Boatload of Fun!!

Today I am grateful for all the fun I am having!! My life is so much FUN now!! Even going to my psychotherapy sessions are more fun and the topics are ones I am greatly enjoying. I am very grateful that, at least for now, so much darkness and pain is behind me.