Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gratitude for 5-9-2013 and Being Grateful for This Era in Time in America

Today I am grateful for being born in the US of A and also in this century.

I am just now realizing how behind I am on posting these! I post my gratitude statements on my Facebook page, one in Crochet Talk and on the New Beginnings Church facebook page. I totally brain farted!!

Ok, I am so very grateful to be an American and also to live in a day and age where so many medical procedures are available. I doubt that I would be walking today if I have been born in a different day and time. I underwent very serious and major surgery on my Cervical Spine which is the neck area. A gifted surgeon named Dr.  K. Daniel Riew saved me from complete paralysis. I am forever grateful to be born in this day and age and to be an American.

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