Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gratitude for 5-3-2013 and What a Happy Life I Am Living Now!!

Today I am grateful for how beautifully my life is shaping up!!  I am grateful that I get to focus on my crafts and that I get to make pieces I love and others also like and want! That just blows me away, it is such an honour to make something people want to pay money for and they wear them on their bodies or give as gifts to people they love! WOW!!!!

I didn't post this yesterday because a girlfriend of mine picked me up ay 6 AM and we went garage sale-ing with another girlfriend and when we got in about early afternoon I was flat out BUSHED!!! I made out like a bandit! I found several blouses, a lovely raincoat in fantastic shape, a rolling pin and 3 fantastic afghans!! I got the afghans for 10 bucks total! I still can not believe it!

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