Friday, April 5, 2013

Gratitude for 4-5-2013 and Losing Weight

Today I am grateful for knowing that believing really works and for the fact that I have lost weight before and I can do it again! I am grateful for the fact that I am fully capable of learning how to keep the excess weight off for good.

I have gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight several times in my life. I am ready to get it off for good. I am reading all the labels, if the sugars are too high, I look for a substitute. I have been cutting back and I started adding a pinch of salt to my coffee grounds before letting it perk to enhance the coffee flavor so I don't have to add so much sugar and milk. I realized that the Splenda brown sugar I have been adding was more fattening than I realized. So I have cut back on that and adding a little Stevia and it tasted ok. I could get used to it.

I have been researching herbs and spices to find out more on those and to add them to foods I eat. I have started drinking a glass of water with a fresh lemon squeezed in before breakfast. That is supposed to help me get my body's PH back where it belongs, plus other benefits like boosting my immune system, it aids in digestion, and much more. I just looked it up to find out more benefits and I am seeing that the water should be hot. Ok, switching to hot lemonade, no sugar's added.

Stay tuned for more news............

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