Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gratitude for 4-30-2013 and Losing Weight Sensibly

Today I am grateful that I am eating sensibly and the excess weight is coming off!

I am really enjoying losing weight this time around. I am not depriving myself of foods I enjoy, I am simply making better choices on how I put them together. I am getting enough to eat and I eat 3 full meals every day and snacks as well.  This is my 3rd go around with getting the extra weight off and I have always thought that it was possible to get the extra weight off and to keep it off by eating smart. Every week in my T.O.P.S. meetings I see folks who have gotten their weight off and they are maintaining their weight where they want it to be. And that is inspiration and comfort because I know that if someone else can do this, so can I.

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