Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gratitude for 4-20-2013 and New Friends Through T.O.P.S.

Today I am grateful for my new friends I have met through T.O.P.S., the weight loss group.

I have met just the nicest people through my local T.O.P.S. chapter, the leader and his wife come and get me and bring me home from the meetings and yesterday the wife, Shirley came and got me and we went running around on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun!! We went to a couple of garage sales, down to the lake where they have a small house that is being remodelled and back to town to pick up some much needed plumbling supplies back to the lake, we stopped off at their house, I met the pets, LOL I am plumb wore out. Sorry, I couldn't resist it, LOL

My therapist, Sandy McIntosh told me I wouldn't get better unless I got out and met people face to face and I fully see that now, she was dead on about that. My life is fuller and happier now than it has ever been!!

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