Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gratitude for 4-2-2013 and New Friends and New Weight Loss Inspiration

Today I am grateful for the T.O.P.S. meeting in my area and all the kind, supportive and encouraging people I have met through there.

Last night I went to my very first T.O.P.S. meeting. A very nice couple who belong to it picked me up and brought me home. They also picked me up at 6 AM so we would go walk together. There is a local church that has an amazing exercise set up. There is a walking track, an area for basketball, an exercise room and a game room, all FREE of charge!! I walked this morning farther than I have walked in years. I feel GREAT about it, do my muscles hurt, oh, yeah, but that will subside.

The group I met last night were all very kind, helpful and supportive. I have lost a lot of weight before. I lost 163 pounds about a year and a half ago and have gained about half of it back. So, it needs to come off and in a healthy manner.

I went to the T.O.P.S. website and from there I can go to http://www.choosemyplate.gov/  and there I can find all sorts of meal plans, recipes and information on what I would be better off eating and what to stay away from. And that is free!

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