Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gratitude for 4-17-2013 and Being Grateful for My Computer

Today I am grateful for my computer that I got such a great deal on and the company I bought it from!

I bought a refurbished computer from Tiger Direct a year ago Christmas. It cost me about $200.00. It came with basic Microsoft but no Windows Office software. So I went searching and discovered Linux.

There are basically 3 operating systems, Microsoft, Linux and Mac. It is like having 3 different cars who all provide the same service but their individual components can not be interchanged. They are 3 separate animals, so to speak.

You can order the Linux versions and you only have to pay the postage. So, I ordered it and loaded it up to my computer and I love it. I only run into compatibility problems finding a printer that was compatible but I researched it online, finally after 2 failed attempts and my third one was a charm!

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