Monday, April 29, 2013

Gratitude for 4-15-2013 and Understanding How My Behaviour Feeds My Being Overweight

I brain-farted on this, so here is Gratitude for 4-15:::

Today I am grateful that I have realized that one of the reasons I am so overweight is because I am ignorant about the different foods and recipes that are available!

I have realized that I snack throughout the day instead of preparing better choices for myself. So NOT doing that any more!! I am learning how to cook healthy meals for myself so I can get this extra weight off and so I can finally KEEP it OFF!!

I am eating oodles of veggies, fresh fruits, grains and less sweets. As of 4-22-2013, I was down to 255 from 259 which is what I weighed in at when I went to my first T.O.P.S. meeting as a member. I get to weigh in again tonight.  The scale I have here at home incorrectly showed me at 250 when I weighed 259. Hopefully as I get more weight off I will be able to use it. At any rate, my focus is on preparing healthy meals and getting my weight to a manageable number.

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