Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gratitude for 3-5-2013 and the Miracles That Surround Us.

"Today I am grateful for vision. I am grateful that I can see and for what I see, visible to me and seeing and understanding with my mind. I am grateful for being able to enjoy the brilliant and varied colours of nature and the stars in the sky".

How our eyes work just astounds me! Our bodies are true miracles, as is, I believe, everything that surrounds us! Our hair that grows, how it comes out in colours, how symmetrically  trees, bushes and flowers grow. And I know I am getting no where close to all the miracles and beauties there are in nature.

The weather, how it is hot or cold, rain or when it snows amazes me. Gravity and how our planet stays on track and rotates around the Sun. The Sun!! How wild is it that the Sun exists!! Blows my mind!! The moon and how some planets have several moons. It all amazes me!!

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