Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gratitude for 3-24-2013 and Being Warn, Dry and Mentally Fed.

Today I am grateful for our weather reports because as much as they vary, most of the time, we get plenty of advance notice so we can be prepared for messy weather events. I am also grateful for all the Internet offers, I get to read up on whatever my heart desires!!

It is snowing here now and I am very grateful to be inside where I am warm and safe. My kitty is also safe and warm, we both have plenty to eat and drink. I am very grateful for this and I thank God daily for this. I am also grateful that I had plenty of advance notice so I could get to the grocery store and purchase what I needed to buy. I am set until I get my next disability check on 4-3.

Any subject I want to read up on is available on the Internet. I LOVE Wikipedia!! If I have a million and one questions, I can find a million and one answers on there and also a ton of other websites on the net.

I think that ROCKS!! And I am very grateful for the information that feeds my mind!!

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