Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gratitude for 3-23-2013 and Freedom

Today I am grateful that I have choices and for the fact that I can actually put those choices into my reality. I am grateful to be an American and to enjoy the freedom we have here. I am grateful that I live in the US and that I was born here. I am grateful to our Military who have fought for us and for those who fight today.

I have lived overseas and have travelled twice to Mexico. I believe that hands down, this country is the best place to be. I am very grateful to have been born here and to live here. And to live where I want to. I decided that I wanted to move here many years ago. No one told me to move here. I am free to make that decision on my own. 

I can write a blog if I want to or not. Obviously there are guidelines I have to abide by, which is my choice to make. I know that this freedom has come with a terrible price and while I can not fully comprehend everything that makes up that price, I am very grateful that it has been paid for me.

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