Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gratitude for 3-2 and Facing My Fears

"Today I am grateful for being able to recognize my fears and address them to the best of my ability".

My therapist tells me that she thinks that I am afraid of people. I tend to avoid some people because I worry that they are going to try to get the better of me or place me in a situation where I have to behave a certain way for them to stop and other fears...I am talking about hassles of everyday living.

One coping skills my therapist taught me is to respond with laughter. Not to mock or to ridicule who I am talking to, but to simply laugh it off. And believe me, that has come in very handy!!

One of the SMTS Drivers told me just in conversation that he is like a duck, he just  lets things just roll right off of him. And like Sandy (my therapist) tells me, when someone is behaving in a manner that bothers me, it isn't personal, it is on them. Chances are that they behave that way to others as well. That is their side of the street and I am only responsible for mine.

 I think that I need to practise my people skills by interacting with people I find to be difficult to sharpen my interacting skills and reduce my fears of people.  I am creative and intelligent, I can do this! And like doing anything worthwhile, it will take practise.

People do the very best that they can with what they have to work with, I want to do my best to expand my coping skills to improve my life and beautify MY side of the street. I do not want to live in fear anymore.

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