Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gratitude for 3-19-2013 and Learning to Eat Healthy

Today I am grateful for all the food, spices and herbs I have access to. They really afford me the variety I enjoy in cooking!

I belong to a community co-op and they offer really good prices! I use it mostly for the fruit and veggie basket they offer for $21.00 and buying what they offer in it would easily cost twice as much in any grocery store. For the same quality that is.

I love to cook but cooking for one person is no fun.  I had some friends over Saturday night for dinner and it was a lot of fun! I am still a halfway decent cook! I fixed black beans in my crockpot and added some coleslaw mix to them. I am happy with how it turned out. We also had a big salad and that was also with fixings from the co-op. It was fun, I will work on inviting more friends over.

I am not struggling with the intense cravings I used to have. I have been using the cocoa I bought by adding some to my morning coffee grounds and  I made chocolate pancakes the other night, they were really good! I will definitely be making those again!! Everything in moderation, that is the key!

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