Monday, March 11, 2013

Gratitude for 3-11-2013 and Healing Crafts

"Today I am grateful that my wounds can be healed. Today I am grateful for my crafts I do because they nourish my soul".

I get to enjoy crafting every single day if I so desire and I just LOVE that!! I get to sew, paint, crochet and  play with beads every single day of my life and I just love that and I am very grateful for this talent I have. I get to play around with design and colour and I really love that!!! Crafting is very healing for me and I am grateful that I get to indulge and bless my friends and donate my work to benefit others.

I have been journaling to get to the bottom of my fears and why I overeat and I am feeling some changes. I know that my weight is my buffer and I am working on making myself emotionally stronger to I don't feel the need to be fat to isolate me from others who I perceive could hurt me. It is a distorted point of view, in reality, my being obese is horrible for my health.

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