Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gratitude for today 2-16-13 and working on me.

"Today I am grateful for my psychotherapist, Sandra McIntosh, and for how far I have come working on me with her insight and feedback. I am grateful for the ability I have to see what I need to be aware of and work on and to be able to see what I am good at and develop that further. I am grateful for all the qualities I have, good and bad, because they make me who I am today."

One of my flaws I have worked out is that when I would get jewellery orders, I procrastinated on getting them completed. I see now that this was very selfish of me to do and I know it put my friends and customers in a very bad place.  I would take up to a year to get some orders filled. I felt jealousy towards these people, I saw their lives as better than mine and I would not fill their orders as I should have.

I believe that I have worked through those issues and now when I get orders, I am ON them and I get them out as best I can. I am very detail oriented and I make sure I get them done correctly to my satisfaction and I get them sent off.

I am much happier this way and I see avenues to get my own personal needs met and I am working through my own issues of need and how I can get those needs met. My therapist has been a total Godsend for me! Together, we are a team and I have come a very long way with her feedback, guidance and input. 

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