Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gratitude for Today 2-14-13 and Some Thoughts

"Today I am grateful for the friendship I have with one of my in person girlfriends, as opposed to my online gf's, LOL who lives just about a block and a half from me. She is a true inspiration to me and I am grateful also that by being around her and her family, I get to see in person how a loving family accepts and interacts with each other and how closely knit they are. They truly warm my heart!! I am also grateful that I can walk to her house and back and that I have the appropriate clothing to do this comfortably. I am also grateful for the friendship I have with another in person girlfriend who also is an online girlfriend, Donna and her hubby, Ed and also for the lovely furniture they brought me yesterday! I am just tickled pink with both pieces!! As a surprise for me, Donna painted the table in the sweetest shade of green for me! I now have a dresser I really need and a kitchen table which I also needed!! Donna and Ed make a great team and I benefit from seeing them in action!!"

Well, it is Valentine's Day and I don't feel as lonely as I have in past years.  That is a big deal for me!! Usually I have dreaded Valentine's as a single woman but this year I am ok with it and hopeful about future Valentine's Days.

How are you spending yours? I would love to hear back about what you are doing today!!


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