Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gratitude for 2-26-13 and Benefits from Loving People.

"Today I am so grateful for all the wonderful relationships and friendships I have in my life today! My friends when I was drinking and living in chaos were in bad shape just like I was. Today, I have wonderful friendships and relationships with people who are creative, talented, love their families and provide me with so MUCH inspiration!! I am just delighted with the wonderful friendships and relationships I have today, they warm my heart!  I am surrounded by kind and loving people and I am forever grateful for that!"

My life is so very different today. I drank heavily for about 30 years, from the early 1980ies until the day I took my last drink on November 16, 2006. I have been clean and sober since then. It took me a while to be able to recognize and appreciate people who were healthier choices for me and also for me to become a better person so I wasn't chaos driven and desperate for any company I could get my hands on. I can be selective now and take my time in figuring out who I want to be friends with and also learning to not cave and run at the first sign of behaviour that makes me uncomfortable. I am better at rolling with it rather than shutting everyone out and hibernating like I did for so many years. I don't want to hibernate any more, I want to enjoy life and have fun!  And believe me, I am!! I get to create with beads or crochet yarn, fabric, I am getting back into cooking more and doing my best to appreciate the little and the important aspects of my life! And it is a wonderful feeling! Never once did any alcohol or drugs I dabbled with provide me with the happiness I feel every day spending time with my friends either online or in person, the thrill I get when I deliver a custom piece of jewellery. They are wanting to wear MY Designs on their bodies! They pay me to design and make for them beaded jewellery and believe me, it is an HONOR!!!

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