Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gratitude for 2-24-13 and Sunday Thoughts....

"Today I am grateful for my smoke detectors in my apartment even though they have been BEEPING since last night!! I know they are here to keep me safe and I appreciate that! I am also grateful for the SUN coming out today and hopefully melting the rest of the ice and snow we have here. I am grateful I have my home to be home bound in and that I do not HAVE to get out in this cold mess!"

It could always be worse, I could be without smoke detectors in the first place. 
I am fixing potatoe soup today, it looks delish. 

I called my landladies and I am hoping the smoke detectors will be fixed really soon cos the beeping is obnoxious and I really could do without it!

A lot of the snow has melted which is good. There is some kind of new storm blowing through in a day or so. 

I am so grateful to be nice and warm in my little apartment with my kitty and to not have to get out and drive and be in that! It brings back a lot of memories of the days that  had to!

Anybody watching the Oscars tonight?? I will be for sure! I LOVE Award Shows.

I am not feeling philosophical today so I am out of here. Happy Sunday!!

See yawl tomorrow..........................

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