Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gratitude for 2-23-13 and Happily Crafting

"Today I am grateful for good friends putting together and bringing me my co-op order and for my sweet kitty enjoying what I crocheted for him!"
I crocheted a 12 by 17 inch sleeping mat and put it in a box I got from my local co-op. Today I added denim to the sides and added his name in buttons to the side of it. 
I crocheted him a red 12 by 17 inch sleeping mat, and placed it inside the box which I have covered the sides with denim fabric and sewed on his name in buttons which I have a kazillion of. He likes it, so I am happy with it. I learned a lot and for my first one I don't think it turned out to badly. 
  I received my co-op goodies, lots of fresh fruit and veggies plus some other items I ordered. One of my girlfriends brought it to me because there is still a lot of slippery places and I don't get out in snow and ice. I can't risk a fall so I stay inside. I am so grateful to my girlfriend who brought me my goodies!! She was on a tight schedule, so she couldn't stay. She's one busy lady!!
 Making my kitty his bed and him actually using it contributes to me feeling good about myself and I just love that feeling. I look at the picture of my kitty and I think: Wow! I actually made that! Very cool!! 

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