Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gratitude for 2-19-13 and Working on not needing to fix others

"Today I am grateful for the fact that yesterday I was able to get my kitchen as cleaned as I could, it is looking good, I am thrilled about it. I was really tired but I got it done and I am not feeling as tired as I thought I might be. I am also grateful for all the friendships I have in my life today. It is such a blessing having friends who I can just be myself around and we have wonderful times! I love all my friends, near and far!! I am grateful for my phone and that I get to actually talk to my friends, near AND far"!!!!!

 I have a tendency to over function and to try to fix others. I recognize this about myself and I am working on not doing that. I only have to be responsible for me and no one else. In reality, if I solve someone else's problem for them, I am not doing them any favours. I want to solve my own problems to the best of my ability and I would actually resent someone coming into my life and trying to take it over. I am capable of developing the skills I need to problem solve, just as much as the next person is and I have no right to deprive anyone of that. It is an important and extremely useful tool to have and will improve the quality of anyone's life, I believe.

I tend to over function and to try to fix others because of lacking coping skills within myself. I have to learn to listen to my friends when they need to vent and encourage them, not try to tell them how to solve their problem because that is not my place in life!!  It is their's !!

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