Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gratitude for 2-17-13 Sunday and the Importance of My Personal Space

"Today I am grateful for my church I get to go to. I have met some lovely people there and am grateful that they all act so very down to earth! I am grateful for my friends who get me there and back home again!"
 I live in a small town up in the Missouri Ozark Mountains. I moved here several years ago after living in St. Louis for around 30 years. I never knew I was a small town girl at heart. i love it up here, it is very nice, people are friendly and I enjoy my quiet lifestyle.
I really have much to be grateful for and that brings me a lot of peace! I don't feel as frantic as I used to.
I am enjoying fixing up my personal space. I am still amazed at the difference fixing up my bathroom has had over me.It is MY bathroom in MY apartment that I rent and I can fix it up pretty much however I want to, within logical reason since I rent. But that still allows me a LOT of leeway!!!
How do you have your personal space set up?

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