Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ballooning Weight

My weight has ballooned to 230 pounds!  I am only 5'3" tall, I am morbidly obese.

I have to take a serious look at my emotional life and get to work on repairing it as best I can.
Recognizing that I eat to compensate for the emotions that are lacking in my life isn't enough. I have to figure out what the emotions are and how to address them directly and get them met in a healthy manner.

I reward myself with food and I eat whatever I want to. I am not miserable being over weight, but it is getting to be harder to get around. So being miserable is not far off unless I get this extra weight off instead of gaining more. I am overweight, I get anxious about that so I eat more to pacify my anxiety. Talk about vicious circle.

I know that sitting glued to this computer every waking minute of my day yearning for attention from others won't help me get my emotional needs met!

I want fullfillment and I don't think I have to travel millions of miles to get it. I think that gaining fullfillment can be achieved by helping others.

What can I do that would help someone out and contribute to me feeling better about myself?

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