Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Overeat in the First Place??


I am Landon and I overeat because a very long time ago I began to overeat to stuff feelings and emotions that are not met. So, if I am in a food stupor, everything is satisfied. And I get to go about my life that is in a state of oblivion. Then I do it again and again and again because I had no idea why I was overeating. I just know that I was miserable and my life was a mess.

I don't want to overeat any more. I don't want to ruin my health. I don't like being so overweight.

I do love to be creative and I work hard at that. Please visit my other blog for that:

 I am 55 years old and only recently came to fully realize how the family dynamics I was raised in shaped how I have lived my life. Many years of self-destructive behavior which I to this day, struggle with. I am my own worst enemy and don't really know why that is.  I have a lot of negative self-talk which is getting much better than it used to be. I am impulsive and do a lot of thngs without carefully thinking them through. My biggest focus right now is trying to come up with crafts I can sell and hopefully one day to get off of Social Security Disability. I also am noticing that I am more focused on what I want to do and who I want to be rather than thinking about how angry I was over my family and all the problems that stemmed from that. So, now n psychotherapy, I get to work on me and what I need, what I want to do. I have XYZ need, how do I get that met?

So, what can I do? I am reading a book called "Listen to the hunger: Why We Overeat"  It is an eye opener.

I have been in psychotherapy off and on since 1990. That was 22 years ago. And I only just realized that my destructive behavior is closely tied to my family dynamics that I was born into, raised in.  I am working to understand what I am doing wrong and how to correct it and what to correct it too.

I tend to isolate myself from people because I have poor coping skills with people I deem difficult. I only go out if I have to and that is to the grocery store then back home. I spend a huge amount of my time glued to my computer and the Internet.

I need to work on developing some kind of social life and develop friendships with tangible human beings. I have several online Internet friends who I very much look forward to interacting with.

I have a friend who lives down the street from me, she is married and lives with her husband and 3 of their sons. We became friends some years back and I have been invited to several of her family Holiday get togethers. I have problems with Clinical Depression and for several months had to be off my anti-depressants due to another health issue. My depression became overwhelming and I cut myself off from everyone I knew. To me,  was taking care of me somehow. That made sense to me.

I am back on my anti-depressants and after being on them for about a month, I felt good about callng her up. To my shock and surprise, she was upset that she hadn't heard from me all that time. She had tried to call me but my number was out of service. The number she had was to a cell phone I had that I returned to the place I bought it from.

It had never once crossed my mind that anyone would care like that about me. I was so wrapped up in my depression and being overwhelmed that I never once thought that she or anyone else would be affected. I apologized to her profusely and tried to explain it to her, but how do you explain severe depression to someone who has no concept of that that is like?

Anybody out there relate to this?

Do you eat when you feel anxiety? Nervous, tired, angry, fill n the blank with your emotion that you stifle with food? Or Alcohol or drugs or whatever else you manage those feelings with that is unhealthy for you.

I am a recovering alcoholic. I will have 5 years of sobriety on November 16, 2012. I don't struggle with wanting to drink like I struggle with eating right. I gave up one addiction while still being tightly wrapped around another.

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