Thursday, October 18, 2012

Overcoming My Fears

My therapist tells me that the only way to deal with fear is to face it and do what  am afraid of.  For example. I am afraid of rejection, dealing with people I think are difficult, and lots of other issues and the only way for me to overcome my fears in these areas is to face them and put myself in those situations I avoid.

I am talking about hassles of everyday living here, folks. Not fears of guns or fire or dangerous things like that. Hassles of everyday living. And I will and can only address my own issues.

Part of me is very reluctant to get out and meet people because I lack the coping skills to deal with them. But, part of me is very lonely and really NEEDS to get out and meet new people face to face.  I will come up with a million reasons to NOT get out and meet new people. But at the bottom of that heap of excuses is my fear of rejection. I am excellent at pushing people AWAY from me, I do that, I believe, before they get a chance to. A chance that exists most likely only in my mind, not in theirs. So, I avoid and I overeat to assure myself that all is ok when it really isn't. But, if I have a happy appetite, I can pretend that all is well in my world.

I rationalize that it is ok while all these emotions flounder around unaddressed. I really want these fears I have to lose their power over me, I do not want to continue to be a prisoner of my fears.

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